Yellowbrick extends parking services with XXImo

Yellowbrick extends parking services with XXImo

  • 28 November 2022
  • General , Partners

Utrecht, 28 November 2022 – Parking app Yellowbrick and mobility specialist XXImo are joining forces to provide all Yellowbrick users with a total parking solution. As a result of the collaboration, users - in addition to on-street mobile parking - now also have access to 95% of all car parks in the Netherlands. XXImo is responsible for issuing the card that works at all car parks that accept Visa as a payment method.

All parking actions that are done with Yellowbrick, both on the street and in the car park, are shown on a single monthly VAT-specified invoice. Because of the VAT specification, this Yellowbrick solution is also very attractive for business users. The new solution will be available to Yellowbrick users in the summer of 2022.

More payment convenience
The new Car Park Card from Yellowbrick and XXImo comes with an EMV chip. This allows users to experience even more payment convenience. They can pay contactless using the EMV chip when entering and leaving car parks, so they no longer have to queue at the payment terminal.

As a driver, you want as little hassle as possible when parking. Together with XXImo, we are taking a huge step in removing this hassle. With the broad coverage of car parks in the Netherlands, our users can now drive into almost any car park with a Yellowbrick Garage Card without any problem. No more hassle with receipts, instead, all parking costs are put on one invoice.

- Shandro van Taunay, Mobile Business Region Manager, at Yellowbrick:

People, both for business and privately, need a parking solution that covers the costs on the street and in car parks. As a result of the collaboration, Yellowbrick now offers an integrated parking solution that fully unburdens users. We are happy to support Yellowbrick with our proven solution, which gives them the opportunity to issue their own payment card in their corporate identity.

- Jur Huber, Head of Partner Sales & Account Management at XXImo