One-third of employers not prepared for CO2 reporting obligation

One-third of employers not prepared for CO2 reporting obligation

Utrecht, 19 June 2023 – Almost one-third of employers are unaware of the CO2 reporting obligation that will come into force on 1 July 2024, research by XXImo suggests. The research focuses on the awareness and preparation of employers with regard to the forthcoming legislation.

The CO2 reporting obligation looks to at last be on its way; soon, organisations with 100 employees or more will have to record and report all mileage from their employees for commuting and business travel. The survey carried out by flexible mobility solutions provider XXImo shows that employers are failing to make meaningful concrete preparations, even though the introduction of the law has been delayed several times and has been known about for a long time. The research therefore highlights the urgent need to start preparations now, or to take ongoing preparations to the next level.

More than one-third of employers (35%) not yet making concrete preparations for the reporting obligation. There is still a great deal of ignorance and uncertainty. For instance, many companies do not know exactly which modes of transport need to be recorded and which are not. A significant percentage of employers assume that CO2 emissions from the transport methods listed below do not need to be recorded:

  • Walking (66%)
  • Cycling (58%)
  • Cycling (electric bicycles) (53%)
  • Public transport (47%)

However, public transport usage does have to be recorded. As does the distance travelled using conventional and electric bicycles and by foot for business travel and commuting, provided that financial reimbursement is made available for this.

In addition to the uncertainty, there are also concerns. More than three-quarters (78%) of employers are concerned about the impact of the CO2 reporting obligation on their organisations. The anticipated consequences include additional administrative work (62%), extra time and energy (51%), and difficulties getting employees to cooperate (29%).

‘We call on employers to recognise the urgency of the CO2 reporting obligation. It is essential to stay abreast of new laws and regulations and to start implementing the systems and processes needed for collecting the required data,’ says Bas Bogerd, Head of Mobility Management at XXImo. ‘Recording all business mileage can be an administrative challenge without a clear mobility policy, proper preparation and the right tools. A mobility platform is a solution to this problem. It provides insights into CO2 emissions, which makes it easier to record data and encourages more sustainable travel options. January will be here sooner than we think, and employers need to start preparing now if they are to comply with the new legislation.’

More information on the research report ‘Mandatory CO2 reporting: are employers ready for it?’ can be found here.