XXImo Nominated for Prestigious Tech Hero Award

XXImo Nominated for Prestigious Tech Hero Award

XXImo, a leading name in the world of digital mobility and payment solutions, is proud to announce its nomination for the Tech Hero Award. This esteemed recognition is awarded to organisations that have demonstrated exceptional performance and innovation in the tech industry, showcasing their commitment to the "adopt or die" mindset in a rapidly evolving market.

The Tech Hero Award celebrates organisations that not only adapt to change but thrive in the face of uncertainty, contributing significantly to the advancement of digital progress. XXImo has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in this endeavour, earning a well-deserved spot among this year's nominees. And we could not be more proud!

Unparalleled Excellence in the Tech Landscape

XXImo's nomination for the Tech Hero Award is a testament to the our unwavering commitment to excellence in the tech landscape. Our innovative mobility and payment platform has set a new standard for the mobility industry, providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses and individuals to navigate the world of multimodal business travel and expense management with ease.

XXImo’s relentless pursuit of innovation, coupled with a forward-thinking approach, has made us a frontrunner in the European mobility and payment space.

A Competitive Field of Nominees

The competition for this year's Tech Hero Award is fierce, with several outstanding organisations vying for the coveted title. The nominees include:

🚀 CM.com: A renowned tech company known for its communication and payment solutions.

🚀 FastID: An emerging player in the tech industry, FastID offers cutting-edge identification and authentication technologies.

🚀 XXImo: A symbol of innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving mobility market, XXImo is leading the way in multimodal business travel and expense management.

We are very proud to be considered for this award alongside CM.com and FastID, and congratulate our fellow nominees on their great achievement.

Celebrating the Spirit of Tech Heroes

The Tech Hero Award honours not only technological achievements but also the spirit of organisations that push the boundaries of what is possible. XXImo's nomination acknowledges our dedication to embracing change, thriving in a challenging environment, and positively impacting the world with sustainable solutions for business mobility.

The winner of the Tech Hero Award will be selected by a panel of industry leaders and is set to be announced during an award ceremony on November 21st at CIODAY2023 in Hilversum.