GreenFlux and XXImo expand collaboration

GreenFlux and XXImo expand collaboration

XXImo and GreenFlux Expand Their Collaboration, Providing Access to 500,000+ Charging Points Across Europe

XXImo, the European payment and mobility platform, is extending its existing partnership with GreenFlux, a leading software provider and smart charging pioneer in the e-mobility industry. With this expansion, the rapidly growing payment and mobility platform reaffirms its commitment to streamline the experience for business travellers by ensuring 100% coverage of charging stations throughout Europe.

XXImo, the European payment and mobility platform, has been collaborating with GreenFlux, one of the foremost players in EV charging management software, for over 8 years. The duo is now taking the next step in their partnership by providing business drivers access to more than 500,000 public charging points across Europe.

Access to Charging Points Crucial for Business Drivers

Approximately 65% of electric vehicles in the Netherlands are part of a fleet, registered by a leasing company, or owned by a leasing company, according to a study by AutoWeek, compiled with data from Bovag, RDC, Rai Vereniging, and VNA. Additionally, nearly 6% are registered in the name of a car dealer, trader, or importer, while just under 2% function as rental cars. In total, about three-quarters of all Dutch electric vehicles are used in a business context.

"GreenFlux enables one of the largest EV roaming networks in Europe, making it a key partner for XXImo. It is a strategic collaborator in our ecosystem, helping us address the entire mobility challenge for large organisations. This collaboration fulfils an essential need for broad charging access, given the growing popularity of electric vehicles among consumers. Having worked successfully together for years, GreenFlux was a logical choice for us to take this next step. We are delighted to expand this partnership and look forward to achieving more shared milestones, both now and in the future."

- Tom van Berge Henegouwen, International Operations Manager at XXImo.

"We are proud to help XXImo deliver an easy and flexible EV charging experience to its customers. By including comprehensive access to public charge points in its services, XXImo lowers the barrier for more customers to adopt electric driving. Our shared commitment to green and sustainable mobility is what has made this partnership work for so many years."

- Suthalan Gnanes, Managing Director at GreenFlux

The increasing popularity of EV vehicles is undeniable. In January 2023, the number of electric and hybrid cars increased by approximately 31.5% compared to January 2022, according to data from CBS and RDW. For the first time, the group of electric and hybrid cars has surpassed the number of diesel cars, making them the second most common type of car in the Netherlands, accounting for 10.7% of the total number of passenger cars. This means that almost 1 in 9 passenger cars in the Netherlands is now electric or hybrid.

The Largest EV Network for Business Drivers

XXImo envisions a future where EV users across Europe can charge their vehicles anywhere and anytime. To achieve this goal, the payment and mobility platform is collaborating with GreenFlux. Thanks to bringing GreenFlux's EV roaming network into XXImo's network partner ecosystem, users can now access more than 500,000 public charging points in Europe, regardless of the vehicle brand or charge point operator. This approach ensures that XXImo's customers have access to one of the largest networks in Europe.

About GreenFlux

GreenFlux, a DKV Mobility Group company, enables charging point operators and mobility service providers to expand their e-mobility activities. The GreenFlux e-mobility platform offers comprehensive capabilities to help customers expand their network, provide excellent experiences to drivers, and minimize operational costs. Accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility since 2011, GreenFlux enables a roaming network of 564,000+ charging points accessible to millions of drivers across Europe and has facilitated more than 5 billion electric kilometres through its platform. More information: