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XXImo launches Google Pay

XXImo launches Google Pay

Utrecht, 01 September 2022 - XXImo, the platform for business mobility, today launches Google Pay for customers and their employees.

The XXImo platform allows employers to configure their mobility policy in real time per employee, per team and per role, by indicating which mobility options they have access to and under what conditions. XXImo is launching this new functionality in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, today.

We’ve been offering flexibility and innovation in mobility for more than a decade. The introduction of Google Pay is the most recent example. I’m extremely proud that, in close cooperation with Visa, we are the first Mobility Card in Europe to offer our users this secure, digital payment functionality.

- Patrick Bunnik, CEO XXImo
Google Pay is available to existing and new customers now

Users who already have a XXImo Mobility Card and Android smartphone can start using contactless payments via Google Pay straight away. New customers and their employees will be able to take advantage of the mobility options offered by the business platform even faster. After registration, employees will have instant access to a virtual Mobility Card, which can be activated as a payment method in Google Pay. The Mobility Card can be used immediately, even without a PIN and physical plastic card, for making contactless payments for business mobility within the employer’s mobility scheme.

In the feedback from our customers, the user experience of their employees is often key. With the integration of Google Pay, we are responding to the frequently heard wish to make contactless payment possible with a smartphone as well. A few months ago, we took the first step with the launch of Apple Pay and now Android users with a XXImo Mobility Card also have this option. In a later phase, we will roll out the functionality to our resellers as well, so even more business travellers can benefit from the speed and convenience of this payment method.

- Mike van der Voort, Head of Business Development at XXImo
Safety and maximum ease of use

Wherever contactless payment is accepted, XXImo users can pay with Google Pay, albeit within the framework of the mobility profile that is managed by the employer. For example, at petrol stations, in car parks and on public transport.

Google Pay, which is part of the comprehensive Google Wallet smartphone application, offers contactless payment for Android users who have a smartphone with NFC technology. Using Google Pay is safe.