XXImo launches Apple Pay

First mobility card in Europe with Apple Pay

XXImo, the mobility solutions provider, today launches Apple Pay for customers and their employees. This is the first mobility card in Europe that works with Apple Pay. With the XXImo platform, employers can configure their mobility policies by specifying per employee who may use which mobility options, up to what amount, how often and in which region. “As of now, the contactless fuel, charging, parking and public transport card will be on your iPhone and Apple Watch”, says Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo.

Hassle-free travel

By also making the XXImo mobility card suitable for Apple Pay, business mobility can be paid for in a more secure and contactless way. With this integration, XXImo is meeting an important need on the part of many customers for more payment convenience and increased security. The solution will be rolled out step by step for all customers and resellers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Win-win for employer and employee

By using Apple Pay, XXImo customers can take advantage of mobility options even more quickly, since their employees can add their digital cards to Apple Pay immediately after registering. They no longer have to wait for a physical mobility card. With the help of an iPhone or Apple Watch, employees can pay wherever it is available, for example at filling stations, in car parks and on public transport. Moreover, optimum payment security is assured thanks to Face ID and Touch ID. Which also means forgetting your PIN code is a thing of the past.

Simple set-up

Apple Pay is easy to set up. Open the Wallet app in the iPhone, press + and then follow the steps to add the XXImo mobility card. As soon as the card has been added, it can be used for payment.

Together with Visa, we have been making business mobility easier for ten years now, and we work hard every day to improve the user experience for business travellers. Contactless payments are already rapidly gaining ground within the mobility market. At many locations, you can already use a phone to pay for shared transport or a charging session, or to check in and out of public transport. This is a development that is certain to continue. Thanks to the integration, we offer a smooth customer experience and facilitate all payments within a single solution. In this way, we are helping our customers towards the new digital world of mobility and payment.

- Mike van der Voort, Manager Business Development at XXImo