XXImo appoints Dennis de Vries as Chief Financial Officer

XXImo appoints Dennis de Vries as Chief Financial Officer

Dennis de Vries (48) has been appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of XXImo. In this position, De Vries is responsible for the finances of the organization. In addition, he will focus on further expanding a risk & compliance function within XXImo. That is why the appointment of De Vries is an important step in realizing XXImo’s European growth ambition as an electronic money institution and payment company. De Vries previously worked as a Senior Audit Manager for (car) leasing companies and payment institutions at KPMG.

Background in finance and mobility

De Vries has been in the financial world of mobility and payments for decades. He started his career at ING, where he worked in various roles within ING’s financial services in his twenty years of employment. For example, as Head of Internal Audit at ING Lease, he managed an audit team for the financial controls of 27 business units in Europe and later worked as Business Manager Transaction Services. In 2015, he moved to KPMG, where he coordinated the group audit of various regulated financial institutions as an external auditor and set up KPMG’s blockchain advisory practice in the Netherlands as a consultant.

It has always been a big dream of mine to be able to fulfill the role of CFO at a great company that fits well with my interests. I found this company in XXImo; the click was there immediately. It is an effective technology platform that operates at the intersection of mobility and payments. I find this combination very interesting and it ties in seamlessly with my work experience and knowledge. I also know the platform well as a customer: I have been an avid user since 2015. I look forward to contributing to the growth objectives and further development of the platform.

- Dennis de Vries, CFO XXImo

We are delighted with Dennis’ arrival,” said Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo. “We are making great strides with our platform and are expanding to various countries in Europe. The wealth of experience and knowledge that Dennis brings with him through his roles at large banks and organizations in the field of risk and compliance is extremely valuable. He knows the ropes and I am convinced that he will make a nice contribution to our organization.

- Patrick Bunnik, CEO XXImo
Dennis de Vries
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