Seven questions for Patrick Bunnik

Seven questions for Patrick Bunnik

  • 31 March 2023

Patrick Bunnik - CEO

Patrick Bunnik has enjoyed being at the helm of XXImo since 2011 and he’s far from done! In ten years, the world of mobility has changed enormously. “You can see that everything we have worked hard on is now coming together, employers want flexibility and convenience in one total solution. That makes me proud.”

1 You have been working at XXImo since the start in 2011. Tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Den Bosch, I’m married and have two children. You could say that XXImo is more than a job for me, I’m happy doing it every day. In my spare time, I enjoy music, going to the gym and playing golf. I also like going on holiday, always to the sun.

2 You’ve just celebrated your 10th anniversary at XXImo. What makes your work so interesting?

We work at the cutting edge of payments and mobility. Both areas are developing rapidly. At XXImo, this comes together in convenient, flexible and secure solutions for our customers. The development of our platform is progressing very quickly, due to our cooperation with Visa and Visa technology. Our customers really benefit from this. The fact that you can pay for your mobility with Apple and Google Pay is an example of this. And of course, this also makes crossing borders easier.

3 How has the mobility market developed?

When we introduced the XXImo mobility card in 2011, we were perhaps too far ahead of our time. Employees travelled to the office by car or public transport and received a reimbursement or subscription for this. Employers were fine with that, and not yet ready for new solutions such as a multimodal mobility card or a mobility budget.

This has slowly changed over time, but the real tipping point was Covid. There was hardly any travelling and a lot of working from home. Lease cars were idle and public transport subscriptions went unused. This totally changed the mobility demands of employers. There was a greater need for flexibility. Mobility solutions, like XXImo, are now included in the mobility policy of every large company. In the coming months, we expect medium-sized companies to join them.

4 How do you look back on 2022? What are you most proud of?

I would like to mention a few things. First of all, after Covid, we quickly found the way upwards and welcomed very large customers. We have also shaped the long-term strategy, completed the merger with Radiuz and Yor24 and opened a new office in the UK. I've just been there, it makes me feel proud to see the XXImo name on the path.

I am particularly proud of all the staff. They have worked hard, and we have achieved a lot together. That demands something from our people, but also from their families. That deserves a big “thank you”.

5 What major developments do you see in 2023?

It will not have escaped anyone's attention that CO2 reporting is coming. We see that large companies are already anticipating this, but medium-sized companies are not prepared. Now that the deadline is approaching, they too must look for a solution. A platform is needed where all mobility data is collected, which can then be measured and reported.

What I also see is the continuing chain digitisation. Interfaces make integrating systems from HR, accounting and reporting tools easier, faster and cheaper. No isolated emails and no chance of errors due to manual input. Gone are the days when systems had to be updated manually, if someone left the company.

The need for more flexibility will continue. Travel and pay as you please, appropriate to the organisation and the needs of the employee.

6 What is your focus for the coming year?

I want everyone to enjoy working at XXImo. To feel happy. This can be achieved by offering challenging work, flexible work training, cool projects like Apple Pay and good mutual communication. We have launched our new intranet, to keep everyone involved and exchange information. Updating everyone monthly on the ins and outs of XXImo prior to the Friday afternoon drinks.

7 Finally, how will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

The winter holiday is our most important holiday of the year. I always celebrate Christmas with my feet in the sand, in shorts at a sunny destination. Enjoying the sun and my family. For two weeks, I try to keep my phone as far away as possible.