More mobility convenience and focus on cost

Paragon Customer Communications (Paragon) is a leading international player in the area of end-to-end customer communication for companies.


Paragon employs 400 people at six locations in the Netherlands and Belgium, serving various customers in the areas of digital transformation, more efficient work processes and a better customer experience.

Some of those employees spend a lot of time travelling on business. For this purpose, they use the XXImo mobility card.

“We started using the XXImo for all our lease drivers four years ago at the recommendation of our lease company. It turned out to be good move, because we no longer have separate claims flows, we offer employees travel convenience and at the same time keep a good grip on costs", explains Liesbeth van den Hoek, HR advisor.

Different travel needs

“Our employees have different travel behaviours and therefore also different needs when it comes to their mobility. With this in mind, we sat down together and drew up four employee profiles with associated mobility options.

As a company, we make use of refuelling, e-charging, parking, international refuelling, public transport, international travel and food & drinks, but not all options are available on all mobility cards. The profile you are assigned determines what you can use – tailored mobility, in other words. In the XXImo portal, you can configure the employee profiles and mobility options to suit you ”, says Liesbeth.

New employees who need a lease car to do their jobs also get a mobility card from us from the start. That's convenient for them and they appreciate it. At the same time, we keep costs down by excluding the most expensive refuelling class for all lease drivers. That way, we are able to save on refuelling costs.

- Liesbeth van den Hoek, HR advisor
Turning options on and off flexibly

“For me, the flexible character of the portal is very important. As an employer, you decide which class an employee can refuel in. You can also turn on and turn off all the services on the card and set budgets per employee. If someone has to work on location in Amsterdam and temporarily needs more parking budget, you can increase that right away. If they then go on to work at a different location, I can immediately adjust the size of the budget again", explains Liesbeth. “It all works very simply and intuitively. Everything is flexibly configurable."

Working together

Liesbeth: “When implementing a new service within the organisation, good communication and cooperation are important. Fortunately, coordinating matters with my contacts at XXImo is always a smooth and pleasant experience. For example, I got them to check the texts I had written for our internal communication to make sure they were accurate and complete. When you send out an introduction like that, it's got to be right.

Once all the systems have been configured and the internal communication has been done, all employees receive an invitation to request a mobility card from XXImo by e-mail. You can follow the progress in the portal; you can see who has already requested a card and who still needs to take action."

Insight into transactions and costs

“The monthly invoice and report are also available in the same portal. They provide insight into all transactions and costs. Every user of the portal has their own login code – so for example, the Finance department can also access the invoice directly. Which makes life easier. All the information is in the reports and if I have specific questions, I can request tailored reports", says Liesbeth.

Focus on all customers

Liesbeth: “XXImo recently added a number of big names to its client portfolio. What I am really impressed by is that in spite of the resultant increase in their activity levels, XXImo has maintained a strong focus on its existing, loyal customers. They don't make a distinction. I think they deserve a big compliment for that."


Paragon Customer Communications is part of the Paragon Group, with branches in more than 20 countries, of which the majority are in Europe. So there are also employees who have to regularly travel internationally. “We don't have to make any special arrangements for them, because the XXImo card also works abroad."

“Now that all our lease drivers have mobility cards and everyone knows exactly how it all works, everything is pretty much taken care of. Our employees are happy and as a company we have administrative convenience and are able to manage our costs."

- Liesbeth van den Hoek, HR advisor

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