Flexible mobility options and administrative convenience

International business travel organisation CWT provides a complete service for employers and employees covering business travel, meetings and events.


International business travel organisation CWT provides a complete service for employers and employees covering business travel, meetings and events. "The travel industry has had a tough time, but fortunately we can now start rebuilding and go back to helping our customers with business travel, because that's what we love doing", says Dalila Elouarti, HR Specialist at CWT. “In the Netherlands, we have 155 people working from our locations in Amsterdam and The Hague and partly from home. The combination of working from home and at the office has become the new normal for us. We use the mobility card from XXImo for travel to the office”, says Dalila. “It works really well for our business".

Easily accessible by public transport

CWT has around 15,000 employees worldwide, in over 145 countries. The company has two locations in the Netherlands. Dalila: “Our head office is in Amsterdam Bijlmer, whereas our travel department is in The Hague, close to the central station. Both are easily accessible by public transport, which was definitely a consideration when choosing those locations. Of course it’s the more sustainable option, but it is also important for attracting employees. It means they don't need their own cars. All employees who travel by public transport do so with the XXImo Mobility Card. Usage of the card was always high, but of course it dropped off a lot during the pandemic. It has now picked up again, because we work partly at the office and partly from home”.

The Covid period was really tough for the travel industry, we had a lot to deal with. It wasn't easy. Fortunately, things are moving in the right direction now; companies are booking and travelling again. What was really helpful was that we were able to easily adjust the options on the XXImo card to suit the situation. I really appreciate that flexibility.

- Dalila Elouarti, HR Specialist at CWT
Automated and digitised

The 100 employees who travel by public transport do so using the mobility card. CWT chose XXImo some eight years ago. The main reason for doing so was the administrative convenience. Dalila: “That suits an organisation like CWT, because we have automated and digitised a lot of our own business operations. So you naturally expect the same from the people who handle your employees’ mobility for you. You want everything to work quickly and easily. The card’s automatic top-up system is very handy and at the end of the month we get the invoice and a breakdown. All we have to do is pay it. It’s as simple as that”.

What's really useful is that the monthly summary makes it easy to perform checks, for example whether a card is being used to travel on the weekend. I can check that for specific employees. The accounting system makes it easy to provide proof of journeys for the tax department or an audit.

- Dalila Elouarti, HR Specialist at CWT
XXImo moves with the times, they keep their knowledge up to date

Because everything works smoothly, I currently don't have much contact with XXImo in my role. We know how to get hold of each other if need be. We hold an annual evaluation when we catch up and look at each other's plans.

What I like about XXImo as a supplier is that they really move with the times. Like CWT, XXImo has an international outlook, keeps its knowledge up to date and regularly adds new mobility options or features. As a customer, it’s great to know you're working with an innovative party that is really on top of things.

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