Advance payments, expense claims and red tape are a thing of the past thanks to XXImo

Rentokil’s employees drive across the country for their work every day. They are experts in pest control and disinfection


Rentokil’s employees drive across the country for their work every day. They are experts in pest control and disinfection. “Many of our customers are located in the cities, where you have paid parking. This also entails large numbers of parking transactions for our organisation”, says Erika Vandekerkhove, Fleet & Facilities Coordinator of BeLux.

Advancing parking costs and a time-consuming expense claims process

Parking leads to many expense claims. The parking costs must first be advanced and then claimed. Erika: “parking is expensive. This means that people who park up to 20 times a month have to advance large amounts of money. Also, the expense claims process with all these tickets is very time-consuming, for both field staff and the processing department. Figure it out: money in the payment terminal, keeping all receipts, adding up amounts, bundling tickets and submitting them. And then there are the checks at the office, payment and archiving. It is a very time-consuming process for everyone and no one likes doing it.”

An easy parking solution

Enough reasons for Rentokil to tackle and solve the aforementioned parking problems once and for all. Everyone soon agreed on that. It was at that moment that Erika came into contact with Yorick Amerlynck of XXImo.

Erika: “I met Yorick digitally. He clearly explained to us how XXImo’s parking solution works. I then requested all expense claims and asked the management board to make a decision on the matter. This was exactly what we needed!”

With XXImo’s parking solution, employees no longer have to advance parking fees and submit expense claims. Everything is taken care of automatically with the mobility card + app. An additional advantage is that we can also reclaim the VAT through the monthly invoice, which is not possible with expense claims

- Erika Vandekerkhove, Fleet & Facilities Coördinator BeLux.
No more parking fines

“Thankfully, because we now settle afterwards, parking fines are also a thing of the past. If employees put money in the machine in advance for, for example, an hour and then spent longer with the customer, this sometimes resulted in parking fines”, says Erika.

Six-month trial period

Rentokil has started a six-month trial period. During this period, a carefully selected group of employees in Flanders, Wallonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg made use of the mobility card. “Given the different locations of Rentokil, the international character of XXImo is very convenient for us”, says Erika.

Evaluating and learning

Erika: “after a few months, we did an interim evaluation with this group. Their experiences were very positive, especially for the people who incurred a lot of parking costs. Of course, we also encountered a few points for improvement in the process and communication. These were dealt with immediately. That’s the great thing about a trial period, we will include these experiences in the further roll-out. We should be proud of the fact that, especially in this period when everything had to be coordinated online, we were able to successfully implement the service.”

There are always teething problems when you start a new product, and that’s when offering a good service is particularly important. All I can say is that the XXImo Service Desk is very helpful. That’s a big plus in my opinion.

- Erika Vandekerkhove, Fleet & Facilities Coördinator BeLux.
Further roll-out in the organisation

After the positive evaluation, all employees of the Pest Control division who park regularly can now apply for the XXImo card. An expected 50 employees, this number can certainly increase in the future, also when other divisions decide to join.

Convenience and control over costs

"The great thing is that we can offer our employees a parking solution that hardly requires any work. We receive a monthly invoice that must be checked and paid. Not much can go wrong, the process is almost self-explanatory. The fact that we can set a maximum parking budget every month gives us additional certainty about the correct use of the card. A reassuring feeling”, says Erika

Rentokil likes to make things easy for employees, so they can do their jobs as well as possible and enjoy working with us. I’m convinced that thanks to the easy parking solution, we contribute to that.

- Erika Vandekerkhove, Fleet & Facilities Coördinator BeLux.

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