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Electric driver? Go on holiday well prepared with these 7 tips

Electric driver? Go on holiday well prepared with these 7 tips

  • 23 May 2023

Good preparation makes all the difference! This also applies to your holiday trip by electric car. Now that the holidays are just around the corner for many, or have already started, we at XXImo customer service are also receiving more questions about electric charging abroad.

That makes sense, as you don’t want to encounter any surprises.

Let’s start with the good news. With XXImo, you have a 100% charge guarantee. Our combination of a smart tag, XXImo Mobility Card, and access to all well-known European charging apps makes XXImo the only provider in Europe that offers 100% coverage, guaranteed. We have already taken care of that for you.

Of course, you’ll take care of your own travel preparations. To give you a hand, we have listed some tips. This way, you can start your journey worry-free and avoid charging stress.

Start your holiday stress-free with these 7 tips:

1 Plan your route

Plan your route carefully, and make sure you have a clear understanding of charging points and fast chargers along the way. For example, using A Better Routeplanner (very suitable for EVs) or Chargemap (map with charging points in the EU).

2 Prepare your layovers

Do you have a layover? Book an accommodation with a charging station. When searching for an accommodation on Booking.com, you can filter on locations with charging options for electric cars. Try to book this through the accommodation.

3 Know your cables

In most cases, regular cables (Type 2) can be used abroad. These have been designated by the European Union as the European standard. In Italy or France, however, you might still need a Type 3 cable. Therefore, take a 230V/Type 3 charging cable with you to these countries. It can also be used with a normal socket.

4 Make sure your route has the right type of chargers along the way

Tesla owners should make sure to plan ahead. Tesla has its own network of both Superchargers (fast chargers) along main roads and so-called destination chargers (regular charging stations) at popular destinations throughout much of Europe. An additional advantage is that all these locations can be found through Tesla’s navigation system and are automatically included in your route when charging is needed. What’s more, Tesla is connected to the XXImo network!

5 Use Google Maps for locating charging stations

Do you need a public charging station abroad? These can now also be found in Google Maps.

6 Know the effect of certain types of roads and weather conditions on your range

When planning your route, keep in mind that driving in the mountains and in cold or hot temperatures can negatively affect your range, so you may need to schedule an extra stop.

7 Make use of apps

Charging apps like Smoov, Tesla, Mercedes Me Charge, Chargemap, Maingau, Mobility+ (EnBW), and JuicePass are also interesting if you want to charge abroad. Download the app, create an account, and select Visa as the payment method. This way, you won’t have to worry about submitting expenses from different apps. All charging transactions are automatically processed by XXImo, all on one VAT invoice.

It might take a bit of puzzling out and a little more research, but going on holiday with an electric vehicle is quite possible. Especially with ‘XXImo electric charging’ at hand. With this article, we have answered the questions we are asked most frequently. We wish you a happy holiday!

Would you like to add EV to your XXImo mobility package or learn more about all the travel options with XXImo?